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Saturday, March 04, 2006


by Joey B. Ellis,
Tynetta Hare

To be or not to be though – that’s the question
Are you gonna stop or keep on rockin’
Farther, faster, quicker than the next man
To be the best is the Master Plan
Go with all ya got, give it your best shot
Don’t even think about tryin’ to stop

Keep reachin’, pushin’, hopin’ for perfection
Make up your direction
Don’t ever stop for a moment, prove ya want it
If ya got it, flaunt it and get up on it
Go for yours, not for a minute but all the time
You better do it cause I’m goin’ for mine!

(Go for it!)
Heart & fire! (Go for it!)
I see it in your eyes. (Go, go, go! Go for it!)
Heart & fire!
You’ve got to go for the feeling!

It’s time for the rhyme of the bold & the gifted
Listen closely & you’ll get lifted
Higher than you ever been before
Get more than you bargained for, for sure!
Life can be a trip full of trouble
But you gotta stand up & fight back double
Don’t let nothin’ hold ya back
Yo, when life says STOP, you say go, go
Go preacher, goin’, teachin’ on
What’s that I’m preachin’ & I’m teachin’
To each & everyone of ya’ll, flowin’
Get yourself together, keep movin’
Don’t let nothin’ stop you from flowin’
Go for whatcha want, don’t hold back
Cuz I know ya got the knack
To go farther than you’ve ever been before
I’m goin’ for mine so go for yours!

(Go, go, go!)
Heart & fire!
I see it in your eyes.
(Go for it! Go, go, go!)
Heart & fire!
You got to go for the feelin’!

Note: Out of Philly comes MC Breeze aka Joey B. Ellis with Tynetta Hare, pictured with Sage & Sly Stallone.


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