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Sunday, February 26, 2006


This March, get ready for a "sly new product" to hit the shelves!

Yes, Sly Stallone will be marketing this sparkling new liquid from Mount Rainier's 10,000 yr old Carbon Glacier on the mountain's north face.
"I believe it is simply the best on the planet", Sly says.

Last year, revenue was around $4 million, said Glacia Nova consultant Larry Spangler, who inked the deal with Stallone. Spangler, not one to dream small, believes Stallone's celebrity power will take Glacia Nova to new heights.

After watching Stallone talk about fitness on an episode of "Imus in the Morning," Spangler became convinced that Stallone was his man. Stallone already had his name on vitamins and exercise equipment.

"A light bulb went off in my head," Spangler said. "That's the guy for the water because he gets to middle America."

After a phone call to Stallone, Spangler traveled to the movie star's 44,000-square-foot Beverly Hills home. It took just a two-hour business meeting, in which Stallone was wearing shorts, for the agreement to take shape. Stallone was sold on the brand because of the quality of glacial water, Spangler said.

Stallone did not receive an upfront payment but he is a partner in the venture and will receive an undisclosed share of revenue.

The upscale brand will sell for about $2.50 per 20-ounce bottle. Spangler envisions the product competing with other high-end bottled waters such as Fuji, and believes people will pay that much for pure glacial water.

This year, as Glacia Nova is still getting Sly Water operations up and running, the company will offer only 6 million cases for sale. Sly Water will not likely be offered in grocery stores, but will be sold in restaurants, hotels, and on the Web site for the initial launch.

"Why go against all that cheap water in the grocery stores?" Spangler said. "I'd like to see it marketed through Starbucks or another high-end store."

Shaped like a long-stemmed beer bottle with a blue and yellow color combination (one of Sly's favorite color combinations, Spangler said), the bottle is made of nitrogen-infused hard plastic. Stallone wants a product that even basketball star Shaquille O'Neal can't crunch with his hand, Spangler said.

Though the water has yet to be made available to the public, the company shipped 20 cases to the Seattle Seahawks, Spangler said. The Sorrento Hotel in Seattle also has Sly Water. Spangler plans to ink "major deals" in Germany and Seattle in the near future related to Sly Water, and is working on having the New York Yankees drink the water.
- Bottoms Up, Sly Fans!


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