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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Sly Rocky

Well, he's aging but he's still fine! The man just keeps on punchin'!
With all the hoopla over ROCKY6 that just wrapped, everyone's mind is gonna be on RAMBO4 next! Yep, another RAMBO! Some wanna see it, some don't and still yet some don't care! The same with ROCKY. But ya gotta admit, EVERYONE world wide knows who Rocky is & what that film was about! EVERYONE can recite a few lines from it - whether the original, II, III, 4 or V!
YO! How many can YOU remember??


Blogger Christopher said...

Found your blog through the comment you left at Our Daily Dead about Bill Moran. This is the first I've seen Stallone in quite a while and gotta say he looks *great*!! Wonder if he'd be up for a remake of Death Race 2000 :-P

9:27 PM  

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