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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Results of Dining On a ROCKY Set

Well, it was a great experience dining on the ROCKY6 movie set in Philly, PA! We got there at a really good time (almost 5:00)becuz only about 3 tables were occupied so having no res. was NOT a problem. Really nice hostess, that Maria! She gave me & my daughter THE perfect corner table so it was easy eyeing the door for a possible Sly-sighting! But to no avail - no Sly! But we took plenty of pics of the ROCKY photo props! Met fellow StalloneZoner, Joe Czack, which was a pleasant treat & had a nice time. As the people started to pour in, it was time to say goodbye & make our way out for some more pics in front of the ADRIAN sign. And dontcha know that a few blocks away, we passed Gino's & Pat's, two famous cheesesteak places where, in ROCKY Gazzo's talkin' to him & tellin' him he's in training so no smoking! Remember that?
I'll be getting the pics developed soon. Wish I could scan them for you all scanner.

- See you on the Sly!


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