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Sunday, January 08, 2006


Someone mentioned CopLand in their comments so I thought I'd post some pics & thoughts about this OTHER Sly film.

(This is normal Sly weight, taken after filming was done & extra weight was lost.) You gotta give him credit for puttin' on the pounds to play Sheriff Freddie Heflin, the deaf-in-one-ear man of the law who pines away for the wife of a cheatin' fellow officer. (She's a dead-ringer for Talia Shire - Yo! Adrian!!)

So how did he become deaf? Saved said girl from drowning years ago. What Freddie would like more than anything is to work in NYC, across the river from where he is in Jersey but because of his handicap it's no-dice.

(Sly directing traffic while 40 lbs. overweight. NOT a pretty sight!)

When Freddie uncovers a HUGE corruption ring that runs all the way into the city of NY, he's caught in a dilemma. Should he spill it to I.A. (DeNiro) & have all the cops who live in this little 'safe' place in Jersey - like a CopLand - run outta town? Or should he keep quiet & let it go on while he sizzles with mounds of info on every cop he knows? What he decides (with the help of coke-sniffin' Ray Liotta) is the movies' climax.

Sly's back down to normal weight here. The director wanted to re-shoot some scenes & it was already too late for "Freddie" to look heavy again. Sly couldn't 'weight' to get rid of the flab after the film was done! I think doing this film was a wise career move for Sly. He was paid scale for it just to have the privilege of working with DeNiro, Liotta & Keitel in an ensemble cast. It works! Go see the edited version...


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