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Saturday, January 28, 2006

By Roger Ebert
December 19, 1977

Sylvester Stallone sits on a hotel sofa with his feet up on the coffee table. He wears expensive blue jeans, the kind you buy in Beverly Hills. His muscles bulge beneath a T-shirt that says, simply and inexplicably, "Valentine." He has a tough, sensual face, a mane of black hair and the best hooded eyes since Robert Mitchum. Two years ago, he observes, his acting career was "intellectually, emotionally and financially defunct."

Now he talks about how it's going to feel to be a star. He's a star because of Rocky, the screenplay he peddled to Hollywood studios while living in a one-room apartment on next to nothing a week. He was offered big money if he'd sell the story and let someone else star in it - but, no, he thought he ought to be the star himself. He held out long enough and United Artists finally let him do it, and the movie's one of the year's surprise hits.Stallone is not surprised.

"The people like it who let their emotions be their guide," he says. "Of course, if you go in intellectually, you hate it. But if you let yourself go with it, something happens about 40 minutes into the movie. You say to yourself, hey, this isn't going to be the colossal downer of all time. You find out Rocky's not just a fighter on the way down, he's a pliable, vulnerable person. And the movie isn't just about fighting it's about heart and love. And then you throw yourself into it emotionally. Maybe that's why I made it about boxing. Everybody knows what it's like to punch, and be punched, and everybody knows what it's like to fall in love."Rocky is about a mob enforcer and punk prizefighter from Philadelphia who gets a lucky crack at the heavyweight title and knows it may be his one shot at amounting to something in life.

The story could be Stallone's. After years of getting nowhere as an actor in New York, he went to Hollywood and got nowherethere. He had roles in Capone and Death Race 2000, and a nice scene%2


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