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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

ROCKYV Trivia & Video ("I DIDN'T HEAR NO BELL!")

1. The young actor who plays Rocky, Jr. is Sage Stallone, Sly's 14-year-old son. The two worked together six years later on the action film Daylight.

2. The actors who play Tommy Gunn and Union Cane are both real boxers.

3. The reporters in the movie were actually played by real reporters from various Philadelphia newspapers and TV stations.

4. The famous red, white and blue boxing trunks first worn by Apollo Creed in his fight with Rocky in the first film make their fifth and final appearance in Rocky V.

5. The golden glove necklace featured so prominently in this film was first seen in Rocky III, then again throughout Rocky IV. As a promotional gimmick, replicas of the necklace were distributed to moviegoers at the Hollywood premiere of Rocky V at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. (You can see it around Rocky's neck here in this photo and in the above photo with Tommy Morrison.)

6. The character George Washington Duke is based on real life boxing promoter Don King. The unlikable character even uses King's signature catchphrase: "Only in America".

7. In this movie we learn that Rocky's real name is Robert. This revelation is made when Rocky, Jr. is asked his name he says, "Robert".

ROCKY4 Trivia


1. Some of the fight scenes between Rocky and Drago where real as director Stallone wanted the action to look as authentic as possible. As a result, Dolph Lundgren accidentally broke three of Sly's ribs.

2. When Rocky tells the Russian crowd "That's better than 20 million people killing each other", the ring announcer translates it as "Ehta luch'e chem dvadtsat millionov dollarov", which means "That's better than 20 million dollars".

3. Sylvester Stallone was engaged to Brigitte Nielsen, the Swedish actress who portrays Drago's wife, at the time of production. They married one month after the film's premiere.

4. During filming of the training scenes in Russia (actually shot in Wyoming), Stallone began complaining of chest pains after having gone through the exercise where he pulls the sledge of rocks into the air. A doctor's examination revealed that he'd damaged his heart. Production was shut down for two months in an effort to prevent a possible heart attack.

5. Rocky IV was Carl Weather's fourth and final appearance in the series as Apollo Creed.

6. Rocky IV is the only sequel in which Burgess Meredith does not appear.


RockyIII -

1. The title "Rocky III" is actually displayed on screen three separate times at the start of the film. It first scrolls onto the screen from right to left, then is spelled out in fireworks and finally appears in simple text at the bottom right of the screen, several minutes later during the opening credits.

2. In addition to continuing his role as a singer, this time as the 'headliner' in Rocky's palatial gym, Frank Stallone (Sly's brother) also plays one of the fighters in the boxing montage at the beginning of the film.

3. The rematch between Rocky and Clubber Lang is the only fight in the Rocky series that does not go a full 15 rounds. It lasts only 3 rounds.

4. Sylvester Stallone's first wife Sasha was the blonde groupie who asked for and got a kiss from Rocky during his public training session for his first fight with Clubber Lang.

5. Before the final fight with Clubber Lang, the crowd scenes contain the picture boards of Rocky and Apollo in the background, clearly the same crowd footage used in Rocky II.

6. In 1982, an official Rocky Pinball Machine was produced and hit arcades across the country. Although a similar pinball machine appears at the beginning of Rocky III (the game that Paulie smashes with his liquor bottle), this particular machine was never mass-produced but was merely a prop created for the film. It sported a specially made backglass created just for the movie. Read more about it in the memorabilia section.

7. Rocky III was the first sequel in which Rocky is seen wearing his famous golden glove necklace. It was later explained in Rocky V that the tiny boxing glove was once one of Rocky Marciano's cuff links.

8. The shooting of the boxing/wrestling match between Rocky and Thunderlips (Hulk Hogan) took a total of ten days to complete.

9. The ring in which Thunderlips and Rocky fight includes the modifications used in professional wrestling, such as half-inch padding under the canvas and shock absorbers under the plywood, as well as the slightly loosened ropes used in wrestling.

10. Hulk Hogan was fired from the WWF for taking the role of Thunderlips.

11. Three bronze Rocky statues (each standing at nearly nine feet tall) were created for this film, one of which holds a place of honor at the entrance of the First Union Spectrum in Philadelphia. A duplicate statue was recently up for auction on eBay. Check out the Rocky Statue's History.

12. Heavyweight boxer Ernie Shavers was considered for the role of Clubber Lang. This was because Sly thought that he was good enough to fight a real boxer, instead of an actor. But in a practice fight Shavers, taking it easy on the star, broke two of Stallone's ribs in less than three rounds, so he was immediately dropped from consideration for the role.

13. Rocky (1976) and Rocky II (1979) are both set in 1976, and the events in Rocky III are said to take place three years later, making it 1979. But the newspaper depicting the wrestling match with Rocky and Thunderlips gives a date of 1982. - (That's Hollywood!)



1. Sylvester Stallone seriously injured a pectoral muscle during his intensive training for Rocky II.

2. When Rocky is seen training, he is sparring with a smaller and quicker fighter. The sparring partner is played by real life Champion Roberto Duran.

3. This movie is notable for being the first of three Rocky films that Stallone would not only write and star in, but direct as well.

4. During the "Beast Aftershave" commercial filming scene, the clapperboard reads "Director: John Pleshette", the real name of the actor playing the director.

ROCKY Trivia


1. Though it is common knowledge that he was nominated as Best Actor, Sylvester Stallone also received an Oscar nomination for writing this film.

2. It was advertised before filming that all spectators who would fill in for ringside audience members at the Los Angeles Sports Arena would be treated to a free chicken dinner and could watch the shooting of the Creed/Balboa fight. Four thousand people showed up at suppertime.

3. The lead singer in the neighborhood band is played by Frank Stallone, Sly's younger brother. He's also the fellow who steps out of the shadows when Rocky tells him, "Get a job, you bum!"

4. Burt Young did his homework for Paulie's drunk scene - he studied real drunks to capture their movements and foggy thought processing.

5. Stallone insisted that the scene where he admits his fears and doubts to Adrian the night before the fight be filmed, even though production was running far behind and producers wanted to skip it. He had one take for that scene, and was so nervous about flubbing the only scene he thought was important that he got himself drunk to do it.

6. Adrian's hesitation to kiss Rocky in his apartment after their date together wasn't originally scripted that way; Talia Shire was suffering from the flu during filming, and she was afraid of getting Sylvester Stallone sick. What resulted, ironically, was a better acted scene than was originally anticipated. (The above photo is NOT the original "Rocky & Adrian's 1st Kiss" scene but you get the picture)

Sly caught Talia's case of the flu, then went on to shoot Rocky's training scenes in Mickey's Gym with a fever.

7. Along with Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire and Burt Young - Tony Burton, Rocky's trainer in ROCKY4, is the only other actor who has appeared in all five sequels.

8. The gold and maroon colored robe that Rocky wears before entering the ring wasn't intended to be amusingly oversized. Stallone ordered a normal one from the wardrobe department but was issued with robe that, as he says, "was built for Godzilla." They turned the problem around and were able to use it as a comedic moment before the drama of the big fight.

9. Linda Kilian, formerly a designer with Gigette/Saybury in New York City, designed the pink robe that Talia Shire wears in the scene where she is seen unwrapping the gauze from Stallone's hands. It is believed that this robe was a piece from Shire's personal wardrobe, as were the majority of Adrian's ensembles.

10. The pet shop where Adrian works was, and still is, a real pet shop in Philadelphia. Check out the Fast Facts section to get its address.

11. The man who rings the bell during the Creed/Balboa fight is Sylvester Stallone's father, Frank.

12. The black-and-white photographs stuck under Rocky's mirror are Stallone's own personal photos - including the portrait of his parents. Most of these pictures can be seen in his "Rocky Scrapbook".

13. Joe Spinell, seen here as "Gazzo", really did have asthma. During this scene, he pulled the inhaler out like as if it was written in the script & used it without missing a beat! It was so naturally done that it was left in the movie.

14. A different ending was originally filmed for this movie. In the original ending, Rocky walked out of the ring and met Adrian in the tunnel to the stadium. They walked down the tunnel, hand in hand, and the last shot was from behind of Rocky and Adrian walking down the tunnel (this image was later used as the poster shot). Test audiences said the end was too depressing and it was re-shot with Adrian's now classic run to the ring while Rocky screams her name.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

By Roger Ebert
December 19, 1977

Sylvester Stallone sits on a hotel sofa with his feet up on the coffee table. He wears expensive blue jeans, the kind you buy in Beverly Hills. His muscles bulge beneath a T-shirt that says, simply and inexplicably, "Valentine." He has a tough, sensual face, a mane of black hair and the best hooded eyes since Robert Mitchum. Two years ago, he observes, his acting career was "intellectually, emotionally and financially defunct."

Now he talks about how it's going to feel to be a star. He's a star because of Rocky, the screenplay he peddled to Hollywood studios while living in a one-room apartment on next to nothing a week. He was offered big money if he'd sell the story and let someone else star in it - but, no, he thought he ought to be the star himself. He held out long enough and United Artists finally let him do it, and the movie's one of the year's surprise hits.Stallone is not surprised.

"The people like it who let their emotions be their guide," he says. "Of course, if you go in intellectually, you hate it. But if you let yourself go with it, something happens about 40 minutes into the movie. You say to yourself, hey, this isn't going to be the colossal downer of all time. You find out Rocky's not just a fighter on the way down, he's a pliable, vulnerable person. And the movie isn't just about fighting it's about heart and love. And then you throw yourself into it emotionally. Maybe that's why I made it about boxing. Everybody knows what it's like to punch, and be punched, and everybody knows what it's like to fall in love."Rocky is about a mob enforcer and punk prizefighter from Philadelphia who gets a lucky crack at the heavyweight title and knows it may be his one shot at amounting to something in life.

The story could be Stallone's. After years of getting nowhere as an actor in New York, he went to Hollywood and got nowherethere. He had roles in Capone and Death Race 2000, and a nice scene%2

RockyV - Original Ending

ROCKY V Original Ending Screenplay By : Sylvester Stallone

You may have heard Sylvester Stallone actually considered killing off his cinematic alterEgo in Rocky V but was persuaded by United Artists management to let the hero live.You can’t kill off a cherished figure, Stallone was told. But after taking an exclusive peak at Stallone’s Original script , dated July 24, 1989, one can only conclude that the actor-writer was right.

But get a load of the original ending, which was never filmed. Rocky, suffering from too many shots in the head during his boxing career has collapsed inAdrian’s arms after one last fight in the streets of Philadelphia.
A POLICEMAN SPEAKS: ’’The ambulance is a minute away-’’ADRIAN: When you get to the hospital, you’ll be all right.’’ROCKY: ’’My hands are cold.’’ADRIAN (she takes his hands) : Ill warm them; What ever you want.’’ROCKY: I don’t want the kid to see me like this.’’ADRIAN: ’’He won’t.’’ROCKY: ’’Adrian,you’re the only thing I ever loved. I only want us to be happy, Y’know?’’ADRIAN (pregnant with a girl): ’’I know. When you get better we’ll go away for a rest and get ready for the baby,’’ROCKY: I can’t wait to see my daughter. It’s gonna be great..’’

But,then according to the script: ’Rocky’s hand slackens in Adrian’s grip and his body slips into motionless repose. His eyes close, leaving his face sublimely peaceful.’’ADRIAN: ’’ Rocky?? Rocky?? Oh God, don’t go, Rocky. Please, Oh God don’t take him! I love you’, don’t leave me!" An ambulance arrives and paramedics force their way through the crowd.
PARAMEDIC: ’’We’re ready, Mrs.Balboa. We’lltake him now.’’ADRIAN (softly): You’ll never take him.’’

The scene fades and dissolves through the image of Adrian cradling Rocky’s head and fades in on the museum steps: Adrian stands beside the massive bronze statue of Rocky: Below her is a large gathering of press and friends.
’’ADRIAN: ’’Rocky Balboa passed away early this morning, and with my husband went a man who proved you don’t have to be born great to achieve greatness. From his humble beginnings, he became a symbol for many that life doesn't make the man, the man makes the life. As long as there are people willing to meet challenges of life and not surrender until their dreams become realities, the world will always have their Rocky’s . (she looks at the statue) "I’ll always love you.’’

Stallone's script concludes with this instruction: the camera pans up to the powerful statue and after a moment it dissolves into the same spot where years before an unknown fighter danced jubilantly and raised his hands in his victory over life. The scene freezes-on Rocky’s leap of triumph...

(Blogger Note: I am SO glad Rocky wasn't killed off in this 5th installment!
I don't know why this one wasn't liked as much as the others either. To me, it got back to the "roots" of the real Rocky character like in the 1st one.
He needs to live on no matter WHAT he does - like owning a restaurant called ADRIAN'S & not boxing anymore until..........ROCKY6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Monday, January 23, 2006

You Would Be My Baby by Vanessa Wms.

If I had a secret recipe
You would be my baby
If I had the perfect fantasy
You would be my baby
If the world was mine to redesign
Then suddenly you would find that
You'd be my baby
If I wrote you poems that made you cry
Would you be my baby?
If I sang the sweetest lullybye
Would you be my baby?
If I promised you the moon and stars
With heaven waiting in my arms
Would you be my baby?

But if I only had true love to offer you
Would that be enough to make you want me, too?

I would kiss and tuck you in each night
If you would be my baby
Then I'd watch you sleep and hold you tight
If you would be my baby
I would make you mine for rich or poor
And never need to ask for more
If you'd be my baby

If I had a chance at real romance
If I could choose my circumstance
Then you'd be my baby.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


I'm blogging for a minute & then I'm hittin' the sack. It's Saturday night & it's late...

You all better go on over to stallonezone.com to see more pics & get more info about Sly than you ever thought you'd even wanna know about! I visit there every time I'm online & it just causes so much excitement! Zoners post there about Sly's past, present, future, friends, family, post pics & articles and so on & so on & so on..

His life is an open-book, it seems!
(I, for one, would like to read more!)

(My obsessive-side is showing again!!)

Sunday, January 08, 2006


Someone mentioned CopLand in their comments so I thought I'd post some pics & thoughts about this OTHER Sly film.

(This is normal Sly weight, taken after filming was done & extra weight was lost.) You gotta give him credit for puttin' on the pounds to play Sheriff Freddie Heflin, the deaf-in-one-ear man of the law who pines away for the wife of a cheatin' fellow officer. (She's a dead-ringer for Talia Shire - Yo! Adrian!!)

So how did he become deaf? Saved said girl from drowning years ago. What Freddie would like more than anything is to work in NYC, across the river from where he is in Jersey but because of his handicap it's no-dice.

(Sly directing traffic while 40 lbs. overweight. NOT a pretty sight!)

When Freddie uncovers a HUGE corruption ring that runs all the way into the city of NY, he's caught in a dilemma. Should he spill it to I.A. (DeNiro) & have all the cops who live in this little 'safe' place in Jersey - like a CopLand - run outta town? Or should he keep quiet & let it go on while he sizzles with mounds of info on every cop he knows? What he decides (with the help of coke-sniffin' Ray Liotta) is the movies' climax.

Sly's back down to normal weight here. The director wanted to re-shoot some scenes & it was already too late for "Freddie" to look heavy again. Sly couldn't 'weight' to get rid of the flab after the film was done! I think doing this film was a wise career move for Sly. He was paid scale for it just to have the privilege of working with DeNiro, Liotta & Keitel in an ensemble cast. It works! Go see the edited version...

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Ok - The obsessiveness of the obsession is getting to be a bit much now.
It's quite the daily thing. I gotta get my daily dose! The object of my obsession is obviously not for real but for "REEL"!
My husband doesn't understand it & is just starting to see the obsessiveness work its way into daily life around here! ARRRRRRRGH!! What to do!!!!???

I gotta get another hobby, ya know?