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Friday, December 23, 2005

Knocked Out!

I was in love the moment that I saw you

You got me knocked out, turn me inside out
It's you that makes my heart beat
You got me knocked out, baby there's no doubt
You swept me off of my feet.

(Caught blow-by-blow, love T.K.O!)

(Just goofin' - I always loved this song by Paula Abdul!)


Blogger persona non grata said...

I think Stallone's extremely overlooked in the industry. From what I know of him (which are just the movies) he's a very smart fellow with a knack for eking out the best stories with which to work. He's even done been involved in the Rambo series and others.

The most memorable of his movies was Oscar, simply because he shocked me with his versatility (although he did come off as being too elaborate at times). The best acting he's ever done (and certainly one of the most moving movies for me, especially with regard to the overall message) was in Cop Land (I'm surprised you didn't refer to that one).

All in all, I'm surprised that more people aren't obsessed with him as much as you are (I'm a straight guy and even I think he's always been a good looking fellow).

8:50 PM  
Blogger persona non grata said...

that should read:

'even been invovled in the "production" of the Rambo series'

8:52 PM  

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